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The Tongue-Tie problem

Tongue-tie diagnosis is on the rise. Is it because more women are breastfeeding? Nobody really knows. There are various suggestions around as to why more babies are being diagnosed with tongue-tie but none are definitely proven.

What we do know is that breastfeeding problems associated with tongue-tie affect the mother, the baby and the larger family.

Not everything that looks like a tongue-tie is a tongue-tie. Function is key. If babies have poor suckling, are gasey, have poor weight gain or the mother has sore nipples or plugged ducts, it is worth getting feeding assessed. It may be a simple case of adjusting the latch or it may be tight soft tissue around the baby's head and neck, which, if released with bodywork or craniosacral therapy help feeding or it may be a tongue-tie.

Having things checked out and not putting up with things not going well is a good idea.


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